You get to enjoy more, experience more, and live more when there is the power that enables you to do all of these. We are passionate about you and that is why we are passionate about energy. As the leading LPG solutions company, our goal is to delight customers ensuring excellent products and services by delivering safe, sustainable, and innovative LPG solutions.


Companies come together to form ISLA

When a great opportunity to continue a Filipino legacy rose, many answered the call. It is not every day that companies are given the chance to continue defining how Filipinos live their life fully. This is how ISLA Petroleum & Gas Corporation (IPG) came to be. It is a joint venture between Isla Petroleum & Energy Company Ltd., (IP&E) and CREASIA Energy Holdings, Inc. (CREASIA). Incorporated on February 11, 2011, IPG was the response to acquire Shell’s LPG assets in the Philippines. The acquisition was completed in two stages. Stage one was the acquisition from Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) of all the issued and outstanding shares of Isla Petroleum & Gas Corporation (IPG). This phase was consummated on January 27, 2012. Stage two was the acquisition from Shell Petroleum N.V. all of the issued and outstanding shares of Isla Gas Terminals, Inc. (IGT). This process was fully realized on December 10, 2013. ILC is IPG’s subsidiary engaged in supply, trading, marketing and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) in the Philippines under the banner brand SOLANE (formerly Shellane). It operates strategically located LPG refilling plants nationwide. It has a vast network of distributors and retail stores.

Though relatively new, the joint venture boasts of experienced and credible partners. ISLA’s primary parent company is Citadel Pacific, Ltd. It’s a private equity and holding company, which is owned by the Delgado family and with minority interests by the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan (OTPP), through its wholly owned subsidiary, Classroom Investments Inc., a company organized and existing under the laws of Canada. IP&E is CPL’s international investment arm for the energy business in the Philippines, Guam, Saipan and Palau. The other shareholder is Itochu Corporation (ITOCHU), a recognized company in Japan as it is an age-old conglomerate. ITOCHU is in the top 250 companies in terms of worldwide revenue. On May 12, 2016, ITOCHU formed CREASIA – a joint venture company that is owned majority by ITOCHU and with ITOCHU Enex Co. Ltd as its minority associate – all for the purpose of transferring its equity interest in the ISLA Group to CREASIA. The coming together of worldwide credible and recognized groups is a reassuring sight to show that Solane will continue to flourish today and into tomorrow.


Your life doesn’t stop.

That’s why we keep on powering you.

Solane LPG has power and versatility. It can be used both inside and outside your home. Solane LPG is ideal for cooking because it provides instant heat and users can control the temperature easily. It burns completely and without soot build-up so your pans won’t need as much cleaning. Solane LPG can even be used outdoors for patio heaters, BBQ’s and for heating swimming pools. The SOLANE Hatid-Bahay Riders are ready to serve. In every delivery, they bring a calibrated portable weighing scale, to show customer the exact weight and convey that they are getting their money’s worth. Solane LPG is ready for business. Solane LPG works both at home and in industrial setups. It can power heavy-duty cooking, heating, drying, refrigeration, incinerating, and more. Customers are provided with high-quality LPG, assuring safe and yet economical products for various energy needs. Solane also provides environment-friendly solutions ensuring increased productivity and lesser maintenance for your appliances.

With different Industrial uses from brazing, soldering, ceramic firing, clothes pressing, die casting, drop forging, forklift application, annealing to hardening, LPG has a wide range of applications perfect for the customers’ diverse industrial needs. LPG is a readily controllable energy source. Its versatility provides you with heat, light and power anytime and anywhere. In addition, Solane LPG has one of the most high-tech fleets of LPG trucks today that guarantee on-time, in-full deliveries to your industrial sites. Solane has the exclusive capability of customizing the LPG mix depending on the customer’s needs. Solane can tailor fit the content of its LPG deliveries into Special Blends, unscented LPG or pure Propane and Butane respectively. Solane LPG is always prepared to take on even your most difficult LPG demands. Another first in innovation, Solane LPG is the only LPG brand in the market offering Pure Propane and Pure Butane to industrial and commercial customers who need to tailor fit the LPG Specifications to their needs. Supported by a nationwide distribution system, Solane makes sure that its customers get their supply whenever and wherever you need it. SOLANE LPG is the best in the industry and its technical expertise in LPG systems solutions is unrivalled. Solane’s Commercial Safety Audit ensures that its customer’s installations are always safe and free from any untoward incidents that could cost its customers the loss of their business(es).



Honesty & Integrity

We always strive to establish high moral and ethical standards and ensure that we remain accountable towards living up to those standards we set.

Safety & Reliability

In everything we do, whether it’s directed towards serving our customers and stakeholders, or working with our peers, we are highly committed to promoting safety and reliability because these two principles are ingrained in our culture as a company.

Excellence & Efficiency

We put in our best effort in every undertaking and we commit to constantly improve by approaching challenges with sincere effort, skillful execution, and optimism.

Social Responsibility

We believe that it is our unwritten duty to give back to the community, so we always aim to genuinely contribute to inclusive and sustainable economic development by implementing corporate social responsibility programs that empower and promote the welfare of our chosen communities and beneficiaries.