Who We Are

Isla LPG Corporation is a leading LPG supplier in the Philippines, providing LPG for both household and industrial use. The company's flagship brand, Solane, is one of the most recognizable brands in the country. Isla LPG has a nationwide network of distributors and retail stores, and it operates strategically located LPG refilling plants.

Though relatively new, the joint venture boasts of experienced and credible partners. ISLA’s primary parent company is Citadel Pacific, Ltd. (CPL), a private equity and holding company. IP&E is CPL’s international investment arm for the energy business in the Philippines, Guam, Saipan and Palau. The other shareholder is Itochu Corporation (ITOCHU), a Japan conglomerate recognized as part of the top 250 companies in terms of worldwide revenue.
Feb 11


ISLA Petroleum & Gas Corporation (IPG), a joint venture between Isla Petroleum & Energy Company Ltd., (IP&E) and CREASIA Energy Holdings, Inc. (CREASIA), was incorporated on this date.

Jan 27


The acquisition from Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation (PSPC) of all the issued and outstanding shares of Isla Petroleum & Gas Corporation (IPG) was consummated.

Dec 10


The acquisition from Shell Petroleum N.V. all of the issued and outstanding shares of Isla Gas Terminals, Inc. (IGT) was fully realized.

May 12


Itochu Corporation, a shareholder in IPG's parent company Citadel Pacific Ltd. (CPL), formed CREASIA - a joint venture company majority-owned by ITOCHU and minority-owned by ITOCHU Enex Co. - to transfer its equity interest in the ISLA Group to CREASIA.


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About Solane LPG

Solane LPG is a trusted brand that has been providing safe and reliable LPG to Filipino households for over 70 years. With its extensive network of distributors and retail outlets, Solane LPG ensures that its customers always have access to the LPG they need. Solane LPG is committed to providing its customers with peace of mind, knowing that they can always count on Solane for their LPG needs.
Why Choose
Solane LPG
Why Choose
Solane LPG


The free 7-Point Safety Check is an exclusive service provided to all Solane LPG home delivery customers nationwide.


Solane's well-maintained tanks are your promise of safety and reliability, giving you peace of mind.


With the correct weight and provision of safety seal, quality is guaranteed.