Solane LPG Exchange and Return Policy

1. Our product is guaranteed to be merchantable/saleable quality and safe for household consumption. Thus, we warrant that:

a. The LPG cylinder has the correct weight. Consumers can request for our cylinders to be weighed in our showrooms upon pick-up or can be weighed by our Hatid Bahay Rider upon delivery. Once this is accepted by the consumer, and the seal is broken, then this can no longer be covered by any warranty.

b. The LPG cylinder complies with the Philippine National Standards (PNS). Any defect of the cylinder can be easily seen. Upon delivery, the consumer should inspect the cylinder and immediately raise any concern. If the claim of defect is valid, then the cylinder shall be replaced immediately.

c. All appurtenances connected to the LPG cylinder (valves) are in good working condition. This can be validated through our 7-point safety check that will be conducted by our Hatid Bahay Rider during delivery. In the event that the consumer discovers a defect after the Solane cylinder has been accepted or installed in the household, the consumer can only claim any return or refund within 3 days from the date reflected on the invoice. Defects in valves may be claimed at any time, provided that the defects were not caused by any mishandling of the product or negligence of the consumer.

2. Regulators and accessories purchased from an authorized Solane Distributor can be returned/exchanged if found defective within 30 days from the date of purchase.

3. All returns must be supported by a valid sales invoice to verify that the consumer obtained the product through authorized channels.

4. This policy is only applicable to 11-kg Solane LPG orders from authorized Solane Hatid Bahay platforms and Showrooms of our authorized Solane Distributors.