Energy Solutions That Suit Your Needs​

For your various customer requirements, we have the corresponding energy solution for you. We provide you with cleaner and reliable burning fuel that best suit you. With our expertise and advanced technology, we deliver hi-performance versatile LPG solutions to your homes, businesses, and other energy needs.

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Home Use

We bring you safe and reliable heat for your warm moments at home.

Solane LPG is the ideal fuel when it comes to cooking. It provides instant heat that you can easily control. It also burns completely and without soot build-up, keeping your pans cleaner. You can even use Solane LPG outdoors for patio heaters, BBQ’s, and for heating swimming pools. The 11kg Solane LPG cylinder is available in two (2) variants: the A/S ("de salpak") type which boasts of an automatic shut-off safety feature, and the POL type (“de roskas”) which is the more common alternative.

Business Use

We provide the energy to power your business.​

LPG has a wide range of commercial applications, from heavy-duty cooking to heating, drying, refrigeration, incinerating, and so much more.
Solane provides you with high-quality LPG, assuring not only safe and economical products for your energy needs, but also environment-friendly solutions ensuring increased productivity and lesser maintenance for your appliances.
We also pride ourselves with the technology and expertise to customize your LPG system based on your unique requirements.

Our Product
Our Product

Industrial Use

Diverse industrial needs? We have diverse industrial solutions.

LPG suits the varying needs of our industries. From brazing, soldering, ceramic firing, clothes pressing, die casting, drop forging, annealing to hardening, the use of LPG goes on and on. And because LPG is a readily controllable energy source, its versatility provides you with heat, light, and power anytime and anywhere. Solane LPG has one of the newest and most high-tech fleets of LPG trucks today that help guarantee on-time, in-full deliveries to your industrial sites. For deliveries, call us today!

Custom Blend

The energy you need is the energy we give.

Reliable and with cleaner burn, LPG gives you flexibility and control to meet your specific needs. It provides readily available heat and is easily controllable, making it an ideal alternative to other carbon fuels like diesel and bunker. Solane LPG has the exclusive capability of customizing the LPG mix depending on your needs. We can tailor fit the content of our LPG deliveries into special blends, unscented LPG, or pure propane. Let us know how we can help you today! We are prepared to take on even your most difficult LPG demands. Another first in innovation, Solane LPG is the only LPG brand in the market offering Pure Propane to industrial and commercial clients who need high-burning, high-efficiency LPG. Optimize your equipment’s full potential, call us today to know how!

Our Product
Our Product

Home Delivery

Your home is safe and sound.

Getting a refill for your LPG tanks at home has never been this safe and convenient. Every Solane LPG delivery to your home guarantees a 7-point Safety Check of your LPG system by our well-trained Solane LPG riders, which is a service exclusive only to Solane LPG users!
For orders or if you want to replace your existing LPG tank with a new Solane LPG tank, just dial (02) 8887-5555 for Metro Manila area or text us at 0918-887-5555 and 0917-8977555 nationwide.
For online transactions, click here.

Fork Lifts

The difference is within.

LPG-fueled forklifts are versatile and are more powerful than electric or diesel forklifts. It can be used indoors or outdoors, and helps eliminate the cost of running two separate fleets. Because LPG is clean burning, it reduces the risk of dirt or odor contamination, as well as lowers the health and safety risks.
Using LPG has improved fuel economy and lowered maintenance costs, which reduces day-to-day running costs. FLTs are quick to refuel, removing unnecessary downtime making them ideal for continuous operation. A forklift ran with LPG is capable of powering the movement of heavy loads. No compromise to the power even with all the nifty features.
Regardless of the size or nature of your operation, Solane can help you meet your energy needs. Solane offers a unique and practical solution for your FLT fleet. Besides offering quality fuel and service, our FLT supply offer comes with special dip tube systems.
Backed by our nationwide distribution system, we make sure you get your supply whenever and wherever you need it. We are the best in the industry and our technical expertise in LPG systems solutions is unrivalled. Our Commercial Safety Audit ensures that your installations are always safe and free from any untoward incidents that could cost you your business.

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